Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The 5 Stages Of Winter Flu

So it's that time of year, mid winter here in sunny South Africa. I say sunny because if you live here you'll know it's still sunny through bitter cold winds and alternating overcast days. That time of year usually brings around winter flu which I find myself saddled with; yes that 1 week of self medication, hot water bottles and thinking back to all those times where you could use both your nostrils to breathe. So here I sit, waiting for my medlemon to cool down with an instant burst of inspiration to sick blog.

 5 Stages of Winter Flu:
Currently in Stage 3- Settling in for the long haul.

  • Stage 1: Denial: Everyone around you is sick and you know you should be proactive about avoiding it now. But you think to yourself, "nah, I'm superhuman half the time, I won't catch it. They're not close enough to breathe in the germies that are around!" Yeah right
  • Stage 2: The onset: "Oh boy, why am I nauseated and shivering? Something's wrong but I will not admit that it could be the flu" Note again the superhuman thoughts in toe. By this point you feel some sort of sickness curbing onto you and by the end of the day when you're in bed and your throat feels like fire and you can't swallow your food properly; you finally lay down knowing that tomorrow you're going to wake up feeling like accident patient and will probably have to call in sick.
  • Stage 3: Settling in for the long haul: If you're anything like me, you'll probably go in to work anyway after self medicating pep talks to yourself about making it through the day. This is probably day 1 of the actual flu and you're feeling dismal as ever. The feeling will probably last 1 through 3 days till you either A. Start feeling better through your self medication; which occasionally works for some people or B. You pick up the phone to make your inevitable doctor's appointment. 
  • Stage 4: There's light at the end of the tunnel: Suddenly the headaches and fever get lighter, you no longer have to sleep with a beanie on your head at night and for some people, getting their appetites back is a beautiful gift. The warmth in your body is slowly returning and you know that in a few more days you'll be feeling your old self again, 
  • Stage 5: Recovered patience: Finally at the end of it all, you come out stronger and wiser about getting sick during winter or any other sick time you face, Armed with your new skill set and experience you look at and feel the pain of other sufferers, parting with advice and appreciating that you can breathe through both your nostrils. Never will you take that for granted again well not until the next time at least!

On the topic of being sick, there are a few things you should do for your body, mind and soul during this traumatic time, here are 3 top tips to use when you've caught a bout of the bugs:

  1. Eat healthy and power up on the fresh orange juice: Being sick for me, kind of puts things in perspective when it comes to mealtimes and actual meals. If you too, have the ultimate problem of junk food ingestion you'll easily feel your body craving nutrients and wholesome foods when you're fighting the flu. They're good too because the healing process that occurs when you ingest the vitamins and minerals these foods posses are truly amazing, I mean there's a reason that the promotion of home made chicken soup are done so eagerly in movies. Orange juice too, with high content of vitamin C is a flu fighting must have and if you don't believe that, then just drinking it gives you a good feeling, Don't forget to leave it out the fridge for a bit before drinking.
  2. Sanitize and keep yourself clean: Many people are under the impression that it's simply cold weather and season that brings about the flu or infection but you'll be surprised to know that the flu is brought on by viral or bacterial infection. Those germs are the reason you're struggling to breathe at night and feel sleepy sick all day. Keep yourself clean, sanitize your hands and the surfaces you work on. Throw away your used blow nose paper and you'll feel a difference. 
  3. Rest and do things to make yourself feel better: Being sick sucks. It really just sucks. But the more you rest your body the quicker you feel better. Take a day or two to regain your health and most importantly if you have a weak immune system, see your GP for some help. Sometimes all it takes is a good ol' doctors advice and resolve to make you feel better again. Apart from that, do things that make you feel happier and lighter, drink tea and read. Take a bath with that Lush bath bomb you've been saving. Being sick is a time to pamper yourself and remember that when you treat your body right, it will definitely do the same for you. 
So next time you're sick, see it as an opportunity to get in touch with yourself again, Map out your lifestyle and remember that you only have one body and soul in this lifetime, you should treat them rightly so.

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