Tuesday, 12 July 2016

IceBox Review... Because obsession is worth mentioning...


So two posts in one week! I deserve a blogging award or something ... [ the sarcasm is strong today ya'll ]

So here it is...
Nail polish review because I'm a non secret nail polish hoarder and I'm proud of it..

So I've decided to review one of my new favourites... IceBox Nail Polish!

Manufactured right here in South Africa, IceBox comes in two sizes: a large 15ml and a quirky handbag efficient 7ml for those girls that prefer to paint on the go. And rightly so because IceBox dries super fast depending on your application of course.
My top tip for any nail polish application is to wait between coats. Do yourself a favour the next time you're manicuring yourself at home and apply your base and wait a bit followed by a layer of colour, wait a bit and then another layer of colour if you prefer and lastly a top coat. IceBox has a Speed Dry top coat to finish up your perfect paint. That's the secret peeps. Patience is a virtue but so important when you're using nail varnish.

IceBox has well over a 100 colours to choose from and I'm currently sitting on give or take 20 bottles. Colours ranging from a ray of blues to metallic finishes and even ones that change in the sunlight to shades of pink and light blue. I'm in love.

Here's a few.. Very few pictures of the lovely colours I have. I'll post a detailed blog post as soon as my collection is in order but for now...

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