Friday, 13 July 2018

The Importance

Without delving too much into the apologies and explanations of the in between's of not blog posting. Here are a few very important life lessons, teachings, experiences I've had the pleasure of realising and living through this past week. Life is demanding. We're always trying to get somewhere. We're always trying to live up to expectations; whether it's someone else's or your own. We're always trying to live these lives that sometimes down the line don't make sense and we lose track of things that once used to be important to us.

1. A realization of self love or the lack thereof: I have been extremely hard on myself this year. I have lost a lot of my true sense of person. Hardcore and a little insecure putting it out there to the world; but yes. It is that easy to forget who you are when you mute yourself, pop yourself on autopilot, when you don't stay track of the things that remind you of why you are. Yes, why you are, not who you are. We all have a sense of who we are. Most of us anyway. But why you are, is a whole different topic.

I used to enjoy a bunch of things. I stopped doing said bunch of things and bam I don't even know what I'm doing anymore,

The realization came through earlier this week when I watched a yoga channel video on Youtube. Without getting too fangirl or too "spiritual", these videos hit home and some of the simple advice like " do something you love" got me thinking about the things that I used to love doing. These things were a few reasons of why I am. These things gave me reason. But it made me sad to think that I don't do these things anymore and I don't want to be that way anymore.

Simply put, I've started doing things that used to excite me, it's a learning journey ahead right now and I'm slowing trying to figure shit out, what I like, what I used to like and what I don't like doing anymore. But one thing for sure is that I still feel the same way about writing stuff, here especially.

So simply put, do one thing in the next week that you enjoy; enjoyment is form of self love and whether it's a long bath to remember how to clean yourself efficiently or watching a movie that you once Loooved. Start here. Start now.

2. The importance of kindness and sometimes being soft: So we all know a couple of bitter/stressed people. I am usually a bitter/stressed person but once every few months I turn into sunshine and rainbows. Man oh man are these good days, today was a good day. Today is definitely a blog day. Let's chat about kindness.
It's not generally easy for some people to be kind. I'm appealing you to, if you're one of those people that have genuine kindness all the time and muttering to yourself "what a bitch...", hear me out.
Characteristics.emotions and personality are difficult human traits, we are who we are. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes there are people who are naturally charismatic and sometimes there are people who have not been touched by kindness in a day or lifetime and unfortunately need to be reminded that there is something as simple as offering a smile or gesture.

Personally, there are days where I am the latter and there are days where I try to be the ray that a person needs. Give and take kindness is something I was reminded of today. Everyday will not be the same and you will react differently as with emotions. T
his brings me to the importance of softness; people if there is anything you take away from this blog let it be this. " You can experience every kind of rage and anger and sadness and every other emotion in this world but I hope you always find your place of softness". What the hell is softness, Sash you ask? Well softness simply put is peace. Find your peace within any irregular outburst and if you can't then let everything out and come back to center and find your peace. Apologise and simply calm the fuck down. You'll feel tons great. I promise. Find a moment of stillness after shouting at someone. People remember your rage a lot more in situations but the ability to regather and find yourself will give you the strength to be a better person. I'm gonna try that.

3. The great importance of comfort: So without throwing out too much. If you have a chronic medical condition or push yourself out of your comfort a little too much, this point is definitely one for you. I suffer from a ton of digestive conditions. I am uncomfortable 50% of the time. It sucks, I have no control over it sometimes but the one thing I truly let myself do within the last week was be comfortable as much as possible and you know what? Who the fuck ever said you can't make a situation work for you? No, it's us that constrain our problems. Got the runs? Hide it because you're embarrassed in front of work colleagues? Mind you, everyone on the planet has bowels. My point is that we are human and go through things. You owe it to yourself to be as comfortable in your skin as possible. I do understand this is not possible everywhere, all the time but hell, do as much as possible with what you have to be comfortable, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sleep with 4 pillows and 3 stuffed animals, cuddle your spouse, whatever floats your goat! Work in office? Take your damn hot water bottle to work. Cold winter getting you down? Go ahead and buy yourself that faux throw you've been eyeing at Mr Price Home. You owe it to yourself to give your body, mind and spirit what it deserves and what is within your means. Comfort yourself!   

4. The importance of fierceness: Not all the time anyway. Having mentioned the importance of softness and inner peace. The importance of being fierce is a battle 75% of us struggle with. I totally made up that number but I'm sure lots of us struggle anyway. This is just a friendly reminder that you have a voice. Use it. No, I don't mean argue with the Pick and Pay cashier when she doesn't pack your groceries right. Defensive is sometimes offensive. Offensive is not bad all the time but if you act like a bitch, you're gonna draw in some bad vibes people. Don't do that. Be fierce by being you; air your opinions constructively, stand up in the right way for what is right. Not everyone is going to agree with you, but remember words put out there into the air is better than them festering in your mind and hearts. Communicating clearly is being fierce!

5. The importance of time/love/money:  There has probably been thousands if not millions of books going into deep detail about how to be grateful, how to plan around and how to get/make time, money and love. But this week for me, is being grateful for the amazing friends and family around me. The people I work with, make my coffee, the old uncle car guard at McDonald's. This is love in it's own right and being appreciative towards this reminds me of how love and other emotions work. Time on the other hand I've learned this week is not a commodity. Use it with thought and appreciate that invisible ticker above your head. Make more of it and do the things you love, spend time with people, breathe and appreciate everything under the sun. Money; I bought myself a stuffed unicorn today. Money is always tight. But it comes around. Save for a rainy day but buy the damn unicorn when your heart really wants it.

Catch ya later kitties.
Enjoy the weekend.

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