Sunday, 3 June 2018

Mangwanani Sibaya Review

So last year sometime I had the lovely pleasure of venturing off to a whole half day spa treat at the Mangwanani Spa in Sibaya north of Durban! What a treat it was! We had the p.m slot which started at around 1pm and ended just after 4pm. The entire treat comprised of lunch; a delectably LARGE portion of chicken curry from a cute little potjie pot, a serving of tumeric rice that was smaller than a usual indian person is used to and a serving of tomatoe salad/sambles to finish off the meal. 

The treaments comprised of a relaxing back, neck and shoulder masssage outside on the deck. A foot scrub and massage outside under a little patio surrounding by a serene water feature, honestly transporting you to a different universe and lastly a full body massage to end off what would be a treat to remember for a lifetime. 

The spa also offers a little shop to purchase goodies used in the treatments and also offers an option of high tea, booked in advance for a specific time of course. 

I know I'm posting this pretty late like almost a year and a half ago but really, it was sitting in a draft in my posts awaiting many moons for some kind of attention. Just like this post, I have a ton of others based on a few experiences I've had and ignored for a little while. While the point of my blog is partially to pen down all my life experiences and realiastions I've also wanted to pop any fun experiences I've had. So expect a few more like this and give us a shout in the comments if you enjoy them!

Have a great week kitties! 

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