Tuesday, 24 April 2018

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Hey blog readers,

Today, after many moons, I have been bitten by the blog bug. I must admit that adult life has crept in silently while I've been adjusting to life as a 24 year old, steering newfound semi-adulthood and learning how to get up in the mornings without falling asleep in the bathtub. Not easy at all.

But in between the 10 hour work days and exhausting evenings I've found myself like many others losing a sense of self and not feeling okay for a little while. I've not blogged, read or even part took in any activities I used to enjoy in the last few odds months. I have no one but myself to blame in a case like this, for not feeling okay but you know what? It's okay not be okay sometimes.

Something I have learnt over this space of time is that once you realise you're not okay; you have to decide if/when you want to feel okay again. It's really fine if this takes some time. Do not bow to any pressure. You are one person and you do not have to carry the burden of anyone pressurizing you.


  • You're human, not a magically space monkey that has superpowers that can cure cancer overnight. You will err, you will fail, you will make a hundred mistakes over again. Forgive yourself; heal; move on. You will wake up tomorrow and try again. 
  • Take 5 minutes. To breathe, to regenerate, to walk and to clear your head. You owe yourself 5 minutes in a moment of stress or despair.
  • Don't forget to breathe and be aware of your breath. In front of your laptop in your office, while going for an afternoon run on the promenade or while sitting in your car during peak hour traffic. Breathe in and out and do it again; clear your mind and thoughts.
  • Take care of yourself. Change your bed sheets, feed yourself some good wholesome food or a large candy bar just because you want to, take that plunge and apply for that dream job. Do things that make you happy, your body and mind will automatically feel like you're taking care of it. 
  • Embrace your day. If you're having a shitty or super fantastic day; mark it on your calendar/diary. Often we fill our calendars with appointments, meeting and occasions taking in all the activities: morning run, coffee with Kate, operations meeting with John etc. But when's the last time you've taken 10 minutes to embrace yourself within a jam packed day? Don't live on autopilot and find yourself struggling to differentiate between last Tuesday and today. Live in the now, be aware and embrace life fully. 
So there we go, 
Let's hope I take my own advice and make it back here next week.
Here is also a picture of a puppy if you still don't feel okay:

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