Sunday, 8 October 2017

Get Real

Let's get real here for a second?

It's Sunday, 14:34pm South African time and here I sit with unwashed hair, sniffling through my sinus congested nose while attempting to plan my week.

But get this? I can't. I can't today and thinking about the week ahead is almost too much. Do you feel like that too? Maybe not today, maybe not yesterday either but there was probably a time in the past, probably will be a time in future and it's okay. It's okay to feel this way and I'm really reaching a place of peace within myself and around me, that sometimes it is okay to take a break.

There is a possibility that "society" or life around us put a sense of pressure on us and we feel the necessity to bow to that. But perhaps today you should take a minute to collect yourself and calm the fu*k down for once? You don't have to have it together 24/7, 365 days a year, because we all need a break.

I started a new job 2 months ago (yay!); yes, leaving behind #MallGirlProblems was hard enough and adjusting to new a life, new working hours, new wardrobe (definitely not as glam as you think) and new problems/ learning lessons every day is hard enough. But this new experience teaches me something new about life everyday, teaches me how to grow up and how to be.

I'm not sure if anyone else has struggled with this, but here's me, putting out another problem into the universe. Do you ever struggle with finding who you're meant to be, how you're meant to dress. how you're meant to act in the world. I mean, who are you really? #YoungPeopleProblems perhaps?

This is a question Sash in Between has struggled with. Turning 23 and living through 9 months of it, still unable to figure things out has had me on end about life from the word "go". I double I will figure it out in the near future but here are a few things I've learnt from being ever confused about this whole adolescent to adult thing:

  • Live actively. This step is simpler than you think, it doesn't involve dumbbells or treadmills unless you want it to. Over the last 3 years I found myself on autopilot with certain aspects of my life. I went with it; the saying "only dead fish go with the flow" and I was the dead fish. Up until I realised that I don't know who I am or what I want because I had no active interest in finding out. That changes once you take an active role in your life. Look at what you're doing, what you're eating and how you eat, look at colours around you and what you surround yourself with. Its simpler than it sounds. You just have to live with your eyes open. 
  • What do you enjoy doing? What would you enjoy doing the moment you get up? A friend of mine asked me this question a few days when I spoke about what I thought I wanted to do after school. Now isn't it sad that not everyone does what they want, even though we all have the capabilities and more than often, the talent to pursue our dreams. I feel like this is one of the finer details of life that people often neglect. Don't let life overcome your dream if you have one.
  • Eat well. Eat happy. No, don't eat a tub of ice-cream in one go, space it out over a week rather? Your eating affects your life. I'm not going to preach or advocate you eat a bowl of salad at 12pm every day. Eat what you want but be aware of how it affects your body. Not everybody can handle a cup of coffee every morning, not everyone can eat breakfast. Life is such that food affects us differently. I've found that to be huge factor in my life recently. 
  • Take a break, breathe, regenerate. Life is hard ya'll. We burn out, we don't want to be alive every second of every day sometimes. Really feel what you're feeling whether it's anger, love or pain. The moment you start rejecting what you feel is when you go numb, when your life switches onto autopilot and when you start thinking that life is just something we have to get through till we eventually die. Don't let it be that way.
  • For the love of God and all that is precious in the world, stop reading those "5 things that powerful/ organised/punctual women/men do to get through the day", it will only confuse the sh*t out of you and what/how you're supposed to be in the world which essentially; is who you create yourself to be. So don't let anyone tell you how to life your life unless you're like 5 and your parents take care of you, no joke; listen to your parents; you are not molded enough to make decisions yet. 
So I don't claim to know all the answers. In fact I'm far from it. I'm 23 and no where close to having my life/soul organised But I hope that this is somewhat helpful to those in the same boat as I am. 

Share your journey in the comments down below, 
Till next time kitties! 

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