Thursday, 22 June 2017

Stud earrings DIY storage

Heeeeeeeey everyone!

I haven't been around much the blog world lately but here's a quick DIY to catch up on the weekend!

For now I wanted to throw out a quick DIY post; so quick and organised you'll have your mind blown instantly!

I'm one of those people that have an everlasting; ever growing collection of stud earrings for work, leisure and date days when my poor tire earlobes can't carry a set of chandeliers or droopy beaded works of art. A variety of definitely more than 20 pairs of study earrings. The average jewelry lover often finds themselves in a bit of a pickle and opts to buy the set of 4 for merely a single pair that they initially wanted, But what happens when your favourite pair get lost among a dark abyss of earring hell only because you pack all of them in a single storage container or displace unit?

Honestly speaking most of us pop our earrings off and leave them either on your dresser or bedside table and barely manage to locate them when you want to use them again. So what do you do?

You organize of course!

Here's a quick trick to store all your earrings in one place while you can still display it.

  • All you'll need is some cardboard; preferably a4 size depending on how many pairs of earrings you have.
  • A pin
  • Some earrings 

The basic guidelines on how to do this is simple:
Take your pin and simply pop pairs of holes into your cardboard. I used some old cardboard I had from some previous craft work and eventually got tired of it ( so please mind the presstick glue stains, I assure you it doesn't make a difference unless it's affecting the integrity/strength of the board). Make sure that there's enough space between them to ensure that you can easily screw them securely at the back.

And that's it! You're done! Plug in all your earrings and you finally have a way to keep everything in one spot.
You can string up the cardboard depending on how thick and sturdy your cardboard is. Put it on display by hanging it on a hook or place it on a shelf. It's entirely up to you!

Hoping this simple tutorial helps you with your storage goals in future!

See you soon!

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