Monday, 17 April 2017

Krispy Kreme In Durban!

So better late than never hey!

For most of you know already that it’s been a few weeks since Krispy Kreme has opened it’s very tiny doors to Durban citizens and I couldn’t help myself, being a #MallGirl and all that; found myself, dragging significant other in tow to indulge in the sinful sweetness huddled in the quaint corner of the busy Gateway mall.
Following the eventful 24 hour sleep-out that ended in one person being the winner of a dozen glazed donuts every week I vowed to coddle in the corrupt ways of sugar and fat filled goodness. Because we all deserve a little sweetness in our lives right?

Being no stranger to the beauties of donuts I’ve devoured dozens of “Wicked donuts” following their opening in Gateway sometime last year I decided to give our new friends a try.
We found ourselves in the midst of many friendly, inviting faces upon opening at promptly 7am on the boulevard, the fresh baked goodness smell filled our noses paired with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee it was a match made in heaven!

The rows of donuts smiled back, waiting to be chosen; eaten right there or taken home in a little packet or boxes of 6 or 12. They were made to perfection; down to the last one of them.

From top left: Peppermint crisp, New York Cheesecake,Chocolate iced glaze, original glazed and again peppermint crisp
Second row: Chocolate brownie, Milk tart, red velvet cake, Power rangers special edition and chocolate brownie again
Third Row: Chocolate iced custard, Cookies and kreme, peanut butter krunch, powdered strawberry and again chocolate iced custard
Fourt row: Chocolate iced rainbow sprinkles, Sugar coated, bar one, cinnamon ring and again chocolate iced rainbow sprinkles

Merchandise also available in store!

From a selection of beauties I’d personally chosen the cookies and kreme; one particular donut covered in white chocolate and white chocolate bits and a little chocolate powder; toppings tasting sweet while the donut holding it reserved the light and fluffy taste of a perfectly crafted donut and secondly, if that wasn’t decadent enough a chocolate brownie donut; a brownie shaped donut covered in chocolate and chocolate shavings. See the trend and inability of me trying something weirdly differently and “out there”? In my defense I didn't know the chocolate brownie was more brownie than donut.

Keeping in tradition. The boyfriend’s choices were spot on; a thoughtful refreshing choice in the chocolate mint donut; a chocolate covered donut topped with pieces of crispy mint candy and the rather decadent New York cheesecake; i.e see picture up abov because this donut cannot be described to it’s standard *Insert heart eye emoji right here*

All of that plus 2 filter coffees because we couldn’t handle anymore self-indulgence in a milkshake or rich hot drink.

The donuts range from:
Glazed: R9.90. This is simply a glazed donut. But do not underestimate its power to satisfy you.
Assorted: R12.90. These a little more decadent; often topped with goodies like the cookies and kreme
Gourmet: R15.90. These less said about these. the better. They're filled with wholesome goodness ranging from vanilla custard to cheesecake filling. 

The final verdict: I’d rate them a strong 8 out of 10. The creativity and holiday donuts are amazing to a point of pure genius while the donut mix is light and fluffy sort of melt in your mouth. If you’re looking to spoil your tastebuds in sinful pleasure then Krispy Kreme is the choice.

There’s a loyalty program too!
An everlasting love affair should probably result once you’re captured by the donuts. We’ve been another time choosing the Easter theme donuts which were equally delicious. 

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