Tuesday, 23 August 2016

5 thoughts newbie make up users think when applying

"This shouldn't be too hard. The YouTube tut said to bend the brush... Wait, am I even using the right brush?"
We've all been there. I'm currently still here in my make up life journey.

"I can't touch my face. For the rest.of.the.day"
Liquid foundation is God's gift for entire day coverage. But seriously every time I touch my face I get a little brown on my sleeves, collar, boyfriends sleeves, collar. Under my fingernails, napkins etc. I now understand the meaning of "putting my face on". Praise!

"Today's the day! I'm going to do a hot smokey eye with sultry red lip"
2 hours later...
Goes to work with just mascara and matte lipstick of any particular colour that's easy to apply.
Can't explain the true frustration of a work day and make up goals.

Me: can't apply eyeshadow for shit
Also me: "ooooooh look new eyeshadow palate"
I have about 3 palates and many individuals unused colours sitting pretty in my cupboard.

Spends three hours on YouTube watching tuts. Angrily gives up putting all make up away.
Wakes up the next day and turns on the same tutorials.
Us girls don't give up too easy.

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