Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mall Girl's Guide to Saving!

Hello. Not Dead. I repeat; Not Dead.

Just eagerly awaiting exam results and working relentlessly in between. Can we just talk about the amount of sales going on this mid year time? Like display of the sale signs are everywhere!

Being a Mall Girl with Mall Girl Problems, I see these before most people I know, so the problem is holding myself back...

Unfortunately Mall Girl also means Working Girl with a healthy yet non millionaire salary and responsibility is real which also means that I can't always buy "those pair of shoes I have to have!" Over the last two few months I've picked up greatly on tips and tricks that have somehow maintained stability in my life when it comes to money and a post teenage phase on finance. So my tips and tricks:

  1. Save for that rainy day... It's not as boring/difficult as you think... The trick here is to put away as much money as you can for those days of shopping feet you feel coming along. In other words, save a lump sum to spoil yourself in one go... There's nothing more pleasurable than walking out through those automatic mall doors with a ton of shopping bags in your hands; which brings me to. 
  2. Spend said "rainy day" lump sum during this time of year i.e mid year madness when everything is going on sale and you'll surprise yourself at the amount of goodies you'll find which you had initially wanted since they hit the shelves 3 months ago. 
  3. Spend wisely on things you want. Pick something and buy only said specific item in one go. It can be a signature piece of jewelry or pair of shoes which check all the right boxes i.e comfort, style etc. 
  4. Ask yourself whether you're really going to use. Sure that pretty geometric sale item frame is stunningly gorgeous, but are you really going to print a picture to pop in there? Think twice
  5. Don't buy it if you have two minds about it. Really, you'll thank me for this one. Like those shoes? Sleep on it and if you still feel the same way about it in the morning then you know it's the one for you. 
  6. Save and spend in moderation. Yes friends... Times are tough and this probably isn't a tip or trick I use to maintain my spending habits, but 20 years down the line your pair of Converse will not help you buy that dream house. Unfortunately there is a line to everything and you as an individual must decide what is important enough to bring home now vs what can my money do for me later. 
So there. Free advice, use it wisely folks. 

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