Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Thank you!

Happy Tuesday

Sash has recently been thinking; in between life and everything else, about gratitude.

Getting straight to the point. How many times have you said thank you today? Have you thanked a random stranger for saying something nice to you or your significant other for the cup of coffee he's just handed to you?

I've been thinking recently how important these two little words can be. As you grow and mold your soul over the years, I find that its so easy to stop and unlearn manners. Spoiled tweens... Old grumpy woman. About 75% of the kind of people I come across recently I feel the need to teach them how to say thank you.

I find a deep need to share what I experience on a daily basis. Working and spending so much of time in a shopping center has perks and multiple downfalls at the same time. One of those downfalls are all the rude, obnoxious people you interact with.
"Where's McDonalds?" Mrs Grumps says to me. Her face is a sour green apple, mouth twisted with the bitterness of age gleaming on her face.
"Down that way on your left" I reply, my voice soft, calm yet on the brink of anger that's searing through my intestinal tract.
"Hmm" She hmm's me. Walks away. No trace of gratitude for my 6 words. 6 words out of my day, that I could have used on someone who'd appreciate it. But no, she walks away in opposite direction I might add. She's bitter and seems like a dog who's seen better days.
That's the kind of thing that grinds my gears. Makes me weep for society as a whole. How unfortunate.
Moving on to my point...
My boss is the type of person who says thank you a lot. I never understood why, but she'd say thank you for smallest of things; things that I'd often brush off as part of daily life. "Thanks Sash" she still says for the little of things I do.
My boyfriend is another one these souls. "Thanks for spending time with me" he'd pour out amazing appreciative words. One after the other they'd roll off his tongue. I mean how? How can you be so appreciative over something like that?
I never understood this kind of nature until I was exposed to the opposite of this. It was scary realizing who I really appreciate being around. It was refreshing opening my eyes to people. You see the thing is, these are the types people that make my life wholesome. Do you feel whole and content with life yet?

You never really look at these small acts of kindness, appreciative nature and whole goodness until these little things find a place in you. Suddenly I find the need to cut off every unappreciative person in my life and fill the rest of it with people that possess this undying ever evolving love and compassion within them. I want people in my life that are wholesome and full of "feels", people that appreciate the small gestures and life pleasures. Life is too short to not appreciate, I think to myself.

So thank the people that mean something to you. Thank yourself for the life you've created, for everything you have or everything you don't have. Fill your life with things you can appreciate and people that make you want to be alive. Life is incredibly short when you're bitter, but it can be sweeter when you live with wholeness and human kindness.

Thank you for reading :)


  1. You must join in Lizzi's Saturday Blog Hop (Ten Things of Thankful) It's linked for the weekend through Considerings. You will love sharing your thankfuls and connecting with so many awesome bloggers. Val from My Virtual Vineyard

    1. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check it out and hop on!


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