Saturday, 30 April 2016

5 Reasons Why It's About Time Marvel Noticed Scarlett Johansson's Badass Vibe As Black Widow.

*Spoiler Free Post*

After recently seeing Captain America: Civil War, it got me thinking of the badass-ness of one of the female cast. Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow as we know and love her. In my opinion Scarlett Johnsson's portrayal of Black Widow is honestly one of the best I have ever seen when it comes to female superheroes. From first seeing her in Iron Man 2 to Captain America: Civil War, her character has simply evolved and molded Johansson into a role model per say and absolute inspiration for geek girls alike. So here's 5 reasons why I think its about damn time she received a solo movie with her as the lead.

1. DC seems to have their priorities straight.

Ever since hearing of Wonder Woman's solo feature, it struck a cord that Marvel hasn't considered one of their key characters for a solo movie. Natasha Romanoff  has been in multiple Marvel movies, while we've only seen Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman recently in Batman VS Superman and she already has her own feature set to drop in 2017. Catwoman too is worth mentioning, noting that it was released way back in 2004 with Halle Berry in the lead. Catch up Marvel?

2. She's a founding member of The Avengers Initiative (2012). 

Pretty much reason enough that she needs her own movie considering the fact that she's the only one without a solo act apart from Hawkeye. But hello! Can anyone count the amount of male Avengers as protagonists that have their own movies and the amount of female ones that could really make an impression?

3. She's human. 

No spider bites, crash landings from another planet or bad radiation experiments gone wrong.
So this is the thing I love most about specific heroes. Apart from Iron Man or Batman who are male and ahem, have their own solo movies already? Natasha is pure human brilliance, combat skill and smarts. Witnessed multiple times in The Avengers and Captain America's Winter Soldier, needless to say she shows off these qualities efficiently and really, yet another reason we need to see her in a solo movie of her own. 

4. We need to know more about Black Widow.

I for one, am not an efficient geek who knows the multiverse of characters and depths of knowledge that is Marvel or DC which is kind of my boyfriend's forte so for myself and many others alike, I think we deserve to know more about where Natasha has come from. Personally speaking the flashbacks and tidbits witnessed in Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn't explanation enough for me. Come on Marvel its about time you gave us proper depth surrounding her mysterious past, I'm done trolling around Black Widow's Wikipedia page in search of answers!

5. Scarlett Johansson deserves it as much as Black Widow does.

I should express my deep enthusiasm for Scarlett Johansson as an actress of many talents. To name a few, Lucy, Girl with a pearl earring, The nanny diaries and her upcoming Ghost in the Shell due for release in 2017 ( Man, is 2017 gonna be amazing with movie releases!) I personally think its time for her Superhero character to finally receive the attention it deserves! Moving on, the complexities and attributes of Black Widow is seriously an intriguing one, I don't think many Marvel fans would spurn the idea of seeing Black Widow history come alive.

       Civil War Trailer


  1. A badass human woman. Sounds like a movie I would watch!

    1. You gotta watch it! Start with Iron Man and work your way up!


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